Berkeley Close-Coupled End-Suction Pumps are ideal for most applications requiring high performance, easy maintenance and moderate initial cost. Cast Iron construction with unique back pull-out design permits access to the impeller without disturbing the piping.

Key Features:

  • Four-Position Discharge
  • Premium-Grade Motors
  • Bracket
  • Maintenance-Free Shaft Seal
  • Replaceable Slip-On Shaft Sleeve
  • Replaceable Bronze Wear Ring
  • Superior Impeller
  •  Heavy-Duty Voute Case
  •  Multipe Taps
  •  Finish

Available in:

  • 5HP, 230/460V,
  • 3PH, 60 HZ @ 3450 RPM – w/6.38” Dia. Impeller
  • 7.5HP, 230/460V, 3
  • HP, 60 HZ @ 3450 RPM – w/6” Dia. Impeller



FA Questions:

Are centrifugal pumps variable speed?

Most centrifugal pumps do not have variable speed motors. However, you can control flow rate on the discharge using a valve.

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