Single and double seal submersible sewage or dewatering pumps.


  • Durable, cast iron constructed switch case, base, motor and pump housing
  • No sheet metal parts to rust or corrode
  • All cast iron class 30 30000# tensile strength
  • Stainless steel screws, bolts, float rod, handle, guard, arm and seal assembly
  • Oil-filled, hermetically-sealed, automatic reset thermal overload protected (1 Ph only) motor
  • Maximum temperature for sewage or dewatering: 130°F (54°C) standard
  • Shaft seal – stainless steel carbon & ceramic rotary
  • 1117 carbon steel motor shaft (single seal models)
  • Corrosion-resistant, powder coated epoxy finish
  • Upper and lower ball bearing running in a bath of oil
  • Neoprene square ring & gasket



FA Questions:

What information does one need to determine the right size pump?

To determine the right size pump you must know the voltage, system load (GPM), pipe size, vertical lift, horizontal run, number and type of fittings, and back pressure at the discharge point, if any. Additionally, you must determine whether a single or dual pump operation is desired, how the pump is to be controlled, and if it is an indoor or outdoor application.

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